by Stephen Garner

Diesel has introduced a new line of antimicrobial denim and knits.

Called Diesel Upfreshing, the 20-piece capsule collection takes select items from the spring 2020 collection and applies a finishing application of a new technology called Protector Shield, a combination of certified antibacterial and antimicrobial product and droplet barrier.

The technology used provides a series of treatments that function as a wearable safeguard against bacteria and germs. Bacteria, fungi, and dust mites can wreak havoc and can cause many different issues. They create odors, cause allergic reactions, and can be responsible for creating stains.

The thought behind adding this technology, according to the brand, is to be able to wash these items less, which means using less water and energy for laundering and reducing the environmental impact of the use phase, one of the most impactful steps in the lifecycle of a garment. Plus, less washes means a longer life of your garment. 

The brand said that no additional manufacturing steps are needed, and the treatment is applied directly to the clothing.  It is a first for Diesel, but will not be the last.