by John Russel Jones

Dior Men’s Artistic Director, Kim Jones looked for inspiration in the countryside this season, finding it in Granville, France — the birthplace of Monsieur Dior — and Charleston in Sussex, England, the Bloomsbury Group’s rural home, where the artist Duncan Grant worked and lived. Inspired by the sketches and post-Impressionist works, as well as the personal life of the British painter, Jones easily pulled together a Spring-Summer 2023 collection that unites fashion and art.

From what we’ve been seeing from the European reports, Jones also managed to cannily nail the season’s trends. From several variations on the double-breasted jacket (including several with piping like the classic boating blazer), to shoulder-baring knit vests, tops, and…we’re actually not sure what that piece with the double-strap over one shoulder is, but we like it (note to self: More time on shoulder presses this winter). One of my particular favorites was a camouflage pattern imbued with the rich colors of a summer garden. There were also plenty of references to outdoor gear, like fleece and 1/2-zip tops that would look (almost) at home at Patagonia, retro scallop-hemmed shorts, and lots of brightly patterned knits. The palette was refreshing and wearable, as were most of the silhouettes. Maybe best of all there were pieces that would please men of just about any age or style inclination.

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Celebrities in attendance included Justin Timberlake, David Beckham, and Joe Locke.

Check out the whole show below, and prepare to be transported to the French-English countryside.