by John Russel Jones

Design Italian Shoes (DIS), the high-tech customizable footwear company, introduces Terra, the first biodegradable sneaker. The shoe is designed with materials and components to guarantee a low environmental impact and a net reduction in disposal costs, including leathers that are non-toxic, non-polluting and certified biodegradable. The sole is made from a comfortable, flexible honeycomb structured material that is made from the milk of the Hevea tree. Terra (which means “earth” in Italian) is a certified metal-free and biodegradable leather sneaker that can be disposed of in just 180 days. (Certifications include Leather Working Group, Labor Condition Application, and International Organization for Standardization.)

The Terra’s lining features biodegradable metal-free leather, and two biodegradable internal reinforcements. Its insole is made from corn fiber and antibacterial, anti-shock wool, and laces are pure cotton.

Maybe best of all, the shoe is great looking, featuring a classic lace-up sneaker design that comes in seven colors in calf, and an additional seven in suede. For more information contact info@dis.shoes.