Dollar Shave Club Launches Men’s Hair Care

by Harry Sheff

Dollar Shave Club, the three-year-old online men’s shaving retailer, is expanding its product range from affordable razors and shaving products to a men’s hair care collection.

As with the other categories Dollar Shave Club has entered, the hair care line is available through their membership service, which has a monthly subscription component. It is meant to be affordable and simple. The Boogie’s by Dollar Shave Club products include a hair gel, hair clay, hair cream, hair paste and a texturizer called True Hair Fiber—all $10 retail. So far, the company does not do wholesale.

“We like to solve problems for guys,” said founder and CEO Michael Dubin in a statement. “That’s how we approach everything we do. We started with the problem of expensive razors and frustrating in-store experiences, but there’s just as much frustration throughout the men’s grooming category. Listening to our members, we found that buying hair styling products is no exception. Many men are getting their recommendations from friends who can have completely different hair types and needs, or they have to choose from a bewildering array of in-store options.”

The company, which was founded in 2012, got a huge boost in its first year from a comedic low-budget YouTube video. Dubin says his sales have grown from $4 million in 2012 to $19 million in 2013. 2014 revenue was $65 million.