‘Drinkable Retinol’ Is Here — And Dermatologists Are On Board With It

by MR Magazine Staff

Skeptics may scoff at Dirty Lemon’s new +retinol drink. (I did.) It sounds a little gimmicky. After all, retinol — a super-potent, typically topical skin-care ingredient revered for its ability to prevent and correct wrinkles, pimples and hyperpigmentation — is decidedly trendy at the moment. Once available only via dermatologist prescription, it’s now showing up over-the-counter in low-dose creams and high-dose serums. There are retinol face oils and all-natural retinol alternatives. Amazon even launched an in-house retinol moisturizer. One could make the argument that Dirty Lemon is merely jumping on the buzzy bandwagon with what it touts as “the first-ever drinkable retinol.” Each bottle of +retinol — the 10th addition to the beverage brand’s beverage library, following popular formulas like +charcoal and +collagen — features a proprietary concoction of “pro-retinols” and antioxidants. Read more at Fashionista.