by John Russel Jones

As a new generation of consumers looks to thrifting and a more mindful approach to shopping — and the local cobbler is going the way of the butcher, fishmonger, and corner hardware store — perhaps it won’t be long before we can add “retail” to the old “reduce, reuse, recycle” sustainability formula. DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse is now offering shoe repair services in its 500+ locations, partnering with Cobblers Direct, an online spin-off of the world’s largest shoe, boot, belt, and handbag repair company, is partnering with to offer shoe repair services in its more than 500 stores. With more than a century of careful craftsmanship (the company originally operated atop a horse-drawn carriage in Houston, Texas), the artisans at Cobblers Direct deliver customers a world-class repair experience.

“DSW is hyper-focused on delighting our customers, offering diverse brands and delivering products with speed, and we coordinate with the best partners to make our business succeed,” said DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse President Doug Howe. “We want customers to enjoy and get the most out of their purchases, so if they ever need a product repair, DSW’s partnership with Cobblers Direct ensures convenient access to highly experienced and skilled repair services.”

DSW launches nationwide shoe repair services with Cobblers Direct.
The new shoe repair program allows customers to scan a QR code at their local DSW store, place an order on a smart device, and then hand their items to a DSW associate at the counter. Cobblers Direct works closely with the customer to understand repair needs and complete the repairs. When finished, the customer simply returns to the same DSW store for pick-up.

“We believe that repairing shoes, boots, and bags – and not throwing them away – will lead to a healthier planet and happier humanity,” says Stephen Kelly, Co-Founder and CEO of Cobblers Direct. “Together with DSW, shoe lovers all over the country now have easy access to expert repair services so they can enjoy their beloved items once again.” For more information, visit DSW Shoe Repair Services.

ABOVE: Photo by Nishant Aneja