by John Russel Jones

“Faith Connexion is ecstatic to announce the onboarding of Gavin Magnus, one of the most promising rising pop stars and social media sensations, as one of the company’s latest Brand Ambassadors,” said Maria Buccellati, Co-owner and President of New Faith SAS.

Wahid Chammas, Co-owner, added: “with a complete revamp of the brand, and the launch of our Web3 open-source community DAO, Faith Tribe, we continue to be on the cutting edge of the industry. We are supporting bigger visions of providing access to our ecosystem, and empowering and uplifting new artists, particularly those that embrace edgy elegance, youthful attitude, and authenticity.”

During Paris Fashion week, Faith Connexion will present its new campaign, dubbed “Cool Kids,” augmented by the brand’s new partnership with Gavin Magnus – the youngest artist to ever sign a record deal with Columbia Records – arguably the fastest trending kid of his age group. At only 15 years old, Gavin Magnus has created many viral music videos and has stood as a true role model in communicating anti-bullying messages to his audience.

Worn by so many of the most popular celebrities, models and known artists of our time, Gavin becomes the next one on the list of big names for the fashion house. His notable style has already been making rounds on social media, recently wearing the iconic Faith Connexion tweed shirt that went viral during New York Fashion week. His involvement with the brand will be a first for Gavin in fashion, as well as his first debut in Paris Fashion week. “I am very excited about this new partnership,” noted Gavin; “What is motivating me most is the burning desire that I share with the Faith team to inspire and empower other creatives to enter the business of fashion and music”.

During Fashion Month, and in continuance with Faith Connexion’s long tradition of coupling its fashion presentations with culture, music and special performances, the Fashion house is very excited to announce a standout moment: an appearance and live performance by Gavin himself for the brand’s event on October 4th, co-hosted by renown Fashion Photographer, Ellen von Unwerth (by invitation only).