The Fall Sock Trend Skaters Made Cool Again

by MR Magazine Staff

Now that it’s getting colder out, you’re going to need to put on some socks. The biggest trend at the moment is retro athletic socks with two or three colored stripes up top. The throwback style was originally worn by roller-derby champs and OG skate rats from Los Angeles to Philadelphia, so it’s not surprising that a new generation of skate enthusiasts—both athletic and aesthetic—is behind the accessory’s resurgence. They were also on Raf Simons’s Fall 2016 runway and are beloved by Tyler, the Creator in real life and in the pages of GQStyle. And the trend is far from ending anytime soon. The best part? They don’t cost much at all. That is, unless you want to ball out for a pair from Raf or Vetements. Or do both and save the designer pair for a really special occasion. See more at GQ.