Fashion Law in 2021: 12 Of The Year’s Noteworthy Lawsuits

This year, the filing of a number of fashion and broader retail industry lawsuits and developments in previously-filed ones stood out in the crowded landscape of litigation in many cases because they indicate larger trends within the fashion space. These included lawsuits that stem from the burgeoning resale market, with a few customization and upcycling-centric matters, in particular, proving to be timely, along with Chanel’s enduring battle with The RealReal, as brands continue to crack down on how their trademarks are used in the secondary market. At the same time, issues related to sustainability – one of the driving forces behind the enduring rise of resale (along with affordability and availability in light of current holiday shipping/supply demands – were also at the forefront of a handful of cases that likely shed light on what is to come for brands that are putting forth Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance-focused marketing. Read more at The Fashion Law.