by Stephen Garner

Fendi has completed the restoration of four fountains in Rome with the help of the firm Methodos by Valeria Mallia. The fountains Acqua Paola at the Gianicolo, Mosè in Piazza San Bernardo, Peschiera in Piazzale degli Eroi and the new Acqua Vergine at the Pincio, in Viale Gabriele d’annunzio were restored through a total cost donation of €280,000.

The restored fountains were unveiled today, Tuesday, November 26th with a ceremony at the fountain of Gianicolo. Fendi’s chairman and CEO Serge Brunschwig, Mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi, and Maria Vittoria Marini Clarelli the superintendent to cultural heritage for Rome were in attendance. 

“Today it’s a day of celebration for our city, that gives back to the Romans and to the tourists four important fountains of the capital,” said Raggi. “The Fendi Maison, which I sincerely thank, and which has tied its name – among the others – to the Mosè, Peschiera, Ninfeo dell’Acqua Vergine and the marvellous ‘Fontanone’ of the Gianicolo fountains by financing this important extraordinary maintenance works of some of Rome’s most beautiful monuments, showing once more, on this occasion, their great love for our capital.”

Serge Brunschwig, Virginia Raggi, and Maria Vittoria Marini Clarelli

The four fountains, which differ by type and execution period, were identified among the numerous ones in the city of Rome because they are terminus of monumental Roman aqueducts, three of which are of Imperial origin – subsequently restored by Popes in different periods –, and to celebrate and eternalize their name by linking it with the great Romanity, while the fourth, the Peschiera one, from the modern age (1949), is considered one of Europe’s greatest aqueducts.

“We are proud of this renewed collaboration between public and private sectors which enabled, once again, to bring back to their original splendor the Gianicolo, Mosè, Ninfeo del Pincio, and Peschiera fountains, which are accessible again to the Romans and to the tourists from the whole world,” added Brunschwig. “Rome is an integral part of the Fendi DNA and its artistic and cultural heritage is to be preserved for future generations.”

The restoration initiative was announced in 2016 as part of the Fendi for Fountains project, where the Italian luxury brand gives back to the city of Rome.

Peschiera Fountain