Filson NYC
by Stephen Garner
Filson NYC

WP Lavori In Corso will be the distributor and licensee of the European markets for Filson. In addition to distribution and licensing beginning in March 2020, WP Lavori invested a 10 percent share in the retailer.

WP Lavori, the Italy-based company founded 40 years ago, specializes in the successful distribution and building of iconic heritage brands in Europe and across the global market. With a successful business model, and partner brands including Barbour, Levi’s, and more, WP Lavori has helped redefine the way an entire generation imagines the world of clothing and design.

Utilizing its current sales network, the production license with WP Lavori will be responsible for extending the markets to Europe, maintaining the consistency of the American line, and expanding the product offering where necessary.

Filson NYC

With the continued acceleration of the direct-to-consumer landscape, which accounts for 70 percent of total revenues, Filson will continue to open stores and focus on both on and offline strategies.

“Working with the folks at WP is fun,” said Tom Kartsotis, founder of Shinola. “They bring a perspective to the business that is quite valuable, and this certainly feels like a partnership where one plus one equals three.”

“I am proud to be part of the partnership between Filson and WP,” added Paolo Corinaldesi, chief executive officer of Filson. “It reinforces Filson as a worldwide brand.”