Five Fits With: Brandon Mahler, Visuals Virtuoso at Aimé Leon Dore

My next subject is Brandon Mahler, who you might have met during his tenure at Drake’s. He worked his way up from manager to running operations for the brand, throwing fun events and hosting smart pop-ups to bring a sense of New York City community to the storied British brand’s Manhattan outpost. Recently, he’s been hired by another downtown mainstay, Aimé Leon Dore, to run all things visual for the brand. Though he is a transplant from Houston, he fits right in here in the city, both in dress and in attitude. Like most of the friends I’ve made (and kept) in fashion, his interests also go far deeper. He has that unique spark that makes you feel like you’ve known him your entire life, and I’ve seen him extend that warmth to complete strangers, too. Read more at Esquire