Why The Football Scarf Is The Fashion Set’s Star Player This Season

by MR Magazine Staff

It’s probably safe to say that the football stadium isn’t your typical high-fashion field. On an average Saturday match day, the crowds are far more likely to be donning beer-and-burger-grease-stained polyester in the name of tribal affiliation than they are next-season Balenciaga. En masse, at least. But in fashion circles, one particular sporting icon has acquired a new fan club — the football scarf. In line with the style set’s current appetite for the appropriation of lad culture — see Burberry- check caps, JD-fresh Reebok Classics and Ralph Lauren polo shirts — football scarves are becoming as common a sight in the queue for a £4 flat white as they are on the terraces. Of course, for the fashion pack — an aesthetically competitive team in a league of its own — this isn’t about showing the world whether you’re an Arsenal fan or a Chelsea supporter, but rather if you’re team Gosha or Stella (McCartney, not Artois). Read more at Evening Standard.