Four Key Retail Trends For 2019 That Will Actually Have An Impact

by Stephen Garner

As retailers are making last-ditch efforts and repeating their Black Friday-type promotions to get consumers to open their holiday-shopping wallets, they have also been thinking ahead for what’s coming for the new year. What’s on their mind include those wild cards that could pose potential risks. For one, the sector is waiting to see what may happen to President Trump’s threat of higher tariffs on imports from China past a 90-day truce. Retailers also are paying close attention to the future of U.S. Postal Service and whether higher rates recommended recently by Trump-mandated task force may eventually come to pass. In such an event, that would signal even higher shipping costs for Amazon and other retailers because they count on USPS to play the critical last-mile delivery role for many goods. With experience the big industry buzzword, you can also expect to be wowed with more gimmicks like virtual reality, augmented reality and Instagrammable moments.But when it comes those trends that may actually have a more lasting impact? Read more at Forbes.