by John Russel Jones

Freedom Moses, a genderless and ethically sourced footwear brand, opened its first-ever pop-up in New York, N.Y., at 395 Bleecker Street on Monday. The retail experience is reminiscent of a candy store, featuring a self-service shopping model with over 1,300 pairs of slides and more than 30 styles lining the walls in a kaleidoscope of colors.

The slides are displayed in a new-to-market architectural, sustainable cardboard system to ensure customers can grab and go with ease. The brand’s colorways shine in a clean, shipshape storefront and all of the slides are placed in a Namaste hanging position, i.e., with the soles of both sandals facing each other, to maximize retail space and create a seamless shopping experience. 

The 550 sq. ft. store was designed in partnership with Leap, a retail technology platform, as well as  with international architect and interior design firms Hilla Bar and Omri Revesz to curate the store’s self-service and sustainable design. 

Freedom Moses is known for its genderless, timeless, and sustainable slides for adults and children, all 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Styles start at $45, running in adult sizes 4/5 to 12/13 and kids 8C/8.5C to 2.5Y/3Y. The brand currently boasts more than 140 different colorways and is found at over 1,000 retailers worldwide, including Todd Snyder, Revolve, and ShopBop.