Gabriela Hearst Is Launching Menswear—With The Help Of One Exceptionally Well-Dressed Guy

by MR Magazine Staff

“My edge,” says Gabriela Hearst, “is that I’m a woman designing for women; I understand our psychology.” Today, after a year and a half of development, Hearst is launching menswear, where the same formula doesn’t apply—even if the collections will share fabrications and rack space at her Madison Avenue store. So, how does Hearst plan to retain her edge? “Men are a whole other species,” she laughs. “I couldn’t do it without having feedback from a guy.” But not just any guy: Hearst enlisted the help of her friend, the graphic designer Peter Miles. He’s an Englishman whose reputation for exactitude extends to his wardrobe; he’s been having his suits tailored to his personal specifications since 1993. Read more at Vogue.