Why Generational Marketing Could Send Retailers Back To The Drawing Board

by MR Magazine Staff

Marketing by generation has been a go-to technique for retailers for what feels like forever — and it does have its uses. The technique can be helpful for those looking to identify trends in a certain age group or to help better target the right products to the right customers. That being said, retailers are often blind to the limitations of generational marketing and, to some extent, they use the technique as a crutch to hold up lackluster marketing efforts. While a low budget, or a test of audience makeup, could be good reasons to approach marketing from a generational lens, any retailer who is relying solely on that platform is missing out. And we don’t mean that in the sense of, “oh wow, that was a fun party, you really missed out.” We mean that more in the sense of, “Oh, you mean you’ve accidentally been ignoring an entire segment of your customer base? You missed out.” Big time. Read more at Retail Dive.