Giorgio Armani’s Life in Pictures

Giorgio Armani, arguably the most recognizable name in fashion, was born in 1934 in the northern Italian town of Piacenza, roughly 40 miles southeast of Milan on the swampy banks of the Po River. “As a child, and then as a teenager,” he says, “I wasn’t aware of the fashion industry, simply because the Italian fashion phenomenon had yet to happen.” Instead, Armani enrolled in 1953 at the University of Milan to become a doctor. He dropped out after three years to join the army and was later hired as a window dresser at the Milanese department store Rinascente. “One of my first fashion jobs was working alongside Nino Cerruti, who was a weaver who also had his own clothing line,” Armani says. It was there that he learned the intricacies of textile making, spending time in a weaving factory to improve his craft. Read more at The New York Times.