by Brian Lipton

Award-winning lifestyle brand Grace Eleyae has announced the launch of its first menswear collection featuring the Satin Lined Cap, aka the “SLAP,” which is available in four styles. Prices retail from $16.99 to $31.95.

These products prevent hat-head while also protecting the scalp from frizz, flyaway hair, and breakage. They are also perfect for the man fighting hair loss, as it allows thinning hair to regrow and renourish and prevents breakage.

“Early on, we shifted from promoting The Slap as a unisex item due to cash constraints, but our Satin Lined Caps have been worn by men since we launched our women’s line back in 2014. But recently, we discovered men were shopping the site or stealing their girlfriends’, moms’, and sisters’ slaps and pillowcases for their own use,” says Eleyae. “So due to this incredible demand and customer feedback, we decided it was time to launch a collection just for guys offering more choices, new sizes, and new designs.”

Currently, the menswear collection can be found only on the Grace Eleyae e-commerce site, but it will soon roll out in-store this fall with retail announcements to come in the upcoming months.