Guess Wins Trademark Battle with Gucci in France

by Harry Sheff

Guess and Gucci have been fighting in world courts for six years over the trademarks for “G” logos, and the latest round, in France, goes to Guess. In a statement released by Guess this week, the company lauded the Court of Paris’s rejection of Gucci’s request for €55 million in damages — and its decision to order Gucci pay Guess €30,000.

Gucci, left, and Guess, right.
Gucci, left, and Guess, right.

“For six years now, Gucci has filed case after case against Guess and lost time after time,” said Guess CEO Paul Marciano. “On top of that, Gucci has lost some trademarks in the Italian case and now some in France as well. I continue to believe strongly that all these legal battles are a complete waste of time and this energy and money should be focused on business. Obviously, FH Pinault doesn’t see it that way.”

Guess won in the Italian courts in 2013 but lost in the U.S. in 2012 when a New York court ruled that Guuess should pay Gucci $4.6 million and cease using the logo.