by Stephen Garner

“There’s comfort, and then there’s ‘ball-ance.’ And to achieve ball-ance, all your bits must properly fit.” That’s the message from Hanes as it launches its new Comfort Flex Fit Total Support Pouch boxer briefs.

The new product features a patent-pending pouch construction, including breathable mesh inserts, that, according to the brand, “helps men feel secure, separated, and supported.”

“Comfort is at the core of the Hanes brand and helping consumers be more confident is our obsession,” said Jaye Powell, vice president and general manager of men’s underwear and socks at HanesBrands. “We set out to redefine what it means for men to be truly comfortable and confident in their underwear and the innovative Comfort Flex Fit Total Support Pouch boxer briefs are the result. This product will make men rethink their underwear.”

Wear testing proved just that. Nearly three-quarters (71 percent) of men reported that they had never worn boxer briefs with a pouch construction. But after wearing Hanes Comfort Flex Fit Total Support Pouch boxer briefs, approximately 80 percent of men across age ranges and sizes planned to buy the product and recommend it to a friend.

“We listened to our consumers every step of the way – from product design to wear testing,” added Greg Hall, HanesBrands’ chief consumer officer. “For most men, the Comfort Flex Fit Total Support Pouch boxer briefs provide a level of comfort they didn’t know existed, and that’s the kind of consumer solution we deliver. And we’re proud to be introducing this exciting product with an equally exciting marketing campaign.”

Hanes is taking a light-hearted approach to marketing its newest product. The campaign focuses on how the right boxer briefs can help men find the ball-ance to comfortably and confidently face whatever their days may hold. “May your truffles never shuffle,” said actor Tony Cavalero who plays the role of “Hans,” Hanes’ ball-ance guru with an approach to life as unique as his underwear.

Television commercials launch during the NCAA Division I Men’s basketball tournament on CBS, TNT, TBS, and TruTV and continue through 2021. Online advertising will run broadly across various editorial and social platforms, with influencer campaigns appearing on Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.

Hanes Comfort Flex Fit Total Support Pouch boxer briefs, with three-packs starting at $16.98, are on shelves now at major retailers and available to consumers through retailer websites, the brand’s website, and in owned stores.