Hari Mari
by Stephen Garner

Hari MariPremium sandal brand Hari Mari has announced a new partnership with heritage footwear brand Allen Edmonds.

The partnership will see Hari Mari’s sandals ship to Allen Edmonds’ key warm-weather locations, in time for the holiday and travel season, and represents an important relationship for the four-year-old flip flop brand, showing its continued ability in appealing to customers seeking a premium flip flop.

Hari Mari’s launch with Allen Edmonds begins this week and will extend through 2017 and highlights the brand’s continued push into premium retail spaces across outdoor, lifestyle, boutique, including more than 700 stores across the U.S., Mexico, Canada, the Bahamas, and Japan.

“Allen Edmonds is an incredible brand and we’re thrilled about the partnership,” said Jeremy Stewart, founder of Hari Mari. “For Hari Mari to be considered in the same realm, in terms of craftsmanship, durability, and comfort is a tremendous compliment.”

“For decades now, Allen Edmonds has been the go-to for high end men’s footwear and is showing no signs of slowing down,” added Adam Steggers, director of sales for Allen Edmonds. “We’re seeing the brands resurgence in an entirely new, vibrant, and younger audience of men and we’re excited to be a part of that offering.”