Here’s How Shoppable Video Will (Finally) Work

by MR Magazine Staff

The dream of being able to buy a product directly from a TV show dates back to the beginning of the new millennium. At industry conferences around the world, executives spoke longingly of a future in which viewers of the then-popular sitcom Friends could see star actress Jennifer Aniston wearing a fashionable sweater, and then, with the push of a button, purchase that very sweater for themselves. But despite the many technological breakthroughs over the past 15 years, this holy grail of ecommerce is not yet a reality for the vast majority of consumers. One of the main reasons shoppable video has yet to become a widespread phenomenon is user behavior. While there are certainly instances where people are so excited by a new product that they are ready to buy it right away, most video viewers want to continue watching their content without interruption. If you’re about to see the resolution of an epic cliffhanger on Scandal or a laugh-out-loud funny video from your favorite YouTuber, purchasing a new pair of shoes may just have to wait a few minutes. Read more at Venture Beat.