How Did Heritage Sportswear Become Such An Integral Part Of Fashion?

by MR Magazine Staff

How exactly did sportswear become such an integral part of mainstream fashion? Even looking as far as back as the ’60s has sportswear, tennis styling in particular, played a role in coercing common place garb. Often associated with preppy, country club settings, this sophisticated semblance paved the way for names like Fred Perry, Tommy Hilfiger and Lacoste, to break ground in opening the world to such a distinct taste. Bjon Borg, a man celebrated arguably as much for his eccentric styling sensibilities as for his many astounding contributions to the sport of tennis, helped introduce tennis aficionados to a whole other sartorial realm. His hippy-esque beach-long locks, multicolored headband/wristband combos and puka shell necklaces brought about a new set of eyes to Fila, catapulting them to mainstay relevance. Read more at Hypebeast.