How 2015 Was The Year The Stan Smith Went Mass

by MR Magazine Staff

If you think we are late with this Stan Smith story, then I can hazard a guess as to what part you played in our collective fashion endeavour of the past half a decade. Because for the past five years, unwittingly or not, we have together made some era-defining fashion footwear history. Peak Stan Smith could well be to the teenies (we still don’t have an official name for 2010 onwards, do we?) what skinny jeans were to the noughties. If you think that the Stan Smith phenomenon was finished well over a year ago, then your minimal white trainers with their rounded toe and green heel padding are likely a bit trashed and you probably don’t think you can wear them anymore. Maybe you think they’re over. Mainly because nicely dressed mums on the school run in their 40s are wearing them. The truth is that fashion people can’t admit that Stan Smiths owned 2015, but real world evidence says that, “Oh, yes, they did.” Read more at The Guardian.