How AI Is Giving Marketing A Big Boost This Holiday Season

The holiday season is usually all-hands-on-deck under normal circumstances, but brands and their marketers are feeling the exhaustion and whiplash just as much as consumers this year. From lockdowns, store closures, reopenings and back to lockdowns once again, it’s no surprise that the holiday shopping season has been added to the list of unprecedented events in 2020. Though it will come and go like last year, holiday shopping will most likely have no resemblance to past seasons. This will force many businesses to recalibrate their processes and reconsider fundamental strategies to keep their companies afloat. For marketers, their brands need to evolve the way they engage with customers to stay ahead of a continually uncertain curve. A recent survey found that 71% of marketers acknowledge that their company has had to abandon or “pivot” from its original 2020 marketing plans. No big surprise there, yet the consensus reveals a bigger lingering question: how do they pivot? Read more at Forbes.