How Aimé Leon Dore Took New York

On the May evening before Aimé Leon Dore was set to make its grand return to Mulberry Street following eight months of construction on an extravagant new storefront, Teddy Santis, the brand’s founder, was walking around the shop floor, sweating the details.

The sneakers on the table near the register were “a little too choked,” he said, urging someone to loosen the laces just a tad. The mannequins near the entrance, dressed for a night that might start at Lovely Day and end at Zero Bond, needed an additional layer of zhuzhing. Overnight, a mystery stain had appeared on a slab of marble flooring near the ALD-customized 1960 Porsche 356B that sits in the front of the store, an unpurchaseable trinket of the brand’s reach. A contractor looked at it sternly and promised to whip up a poultice. Read more at The New York Times.