How Fashion And Beauty Retailers Can Overcome The Lack Of Touch And Feel In The Time Of Social Distancing

Fashion and beauty products sold online have always been hampered by the obvious downside of customers not being able to try on and feel out the products before buying them. Some brands have relied on physical retail stores where prospective customers could browse, try out, and get inspired before deciding to order online. For most online shops the common approach has been to offer generous returns policies to let customers take more chances with products. Buy it now, and if it doesn’t work out, simply return the products at no or low cost within a set time frame.  Unfortunately, these approaches are not cutting it in the current situation. Many, if not most, fashion and beauty retail stores all over the world are closed and will remain so for an unknown period of time. Even if the stores were to reopen soon, it’s hard to know when customers will feel safe enough to go out and shop in public again. Those returns policies might not do much to help customer confidence either, since an extra trip to the post office or package shop carries the risk of interacting closely with other people and potential infection. Read more at Forbes.