How Naadam Is Subtracting Risk From Its Physical Retail Expansion

by MR Magazine Staff

For many direct-to-consumer brands, from Allbrids to Modern Citizen, opening physical retail locations is the next step in the growth journey. Not only can it grow sales and gain customers, but it often leads to upticks in e-commerce sales in surrounding areas. But getting into that world, from finding the space to staffing the stores, comes with challenges, especially among companies not well-versed in the world of retail. When Naadam Cashmere secured $16 million in Series A funding last July, the brand’s CEO, Matt Scanlan, said he wanted to grow the brand and acquire new customers by opening retail locations in the U.S. and abroad in markets like Italy, Germany and the U.K. To make the transition to brick-and-mortar simpler, Naadam partnered with startup retail platform Leap ahead of opening two Manhattan locations. Read more at Glossy.