How To Create An Online Community That People Will Pay For

by MR Magazine Staff

Companies have long valued the customer insights that online communities can provide, and some, such as Harley-Davidson, have even turned them into a revenue source by charging membership fees. But it’s not just companies that are tapping into this business model. More and more individuals are launching their own membership communities, aiming to bring people together around a shared interest. These aren’t just hobbyists. By charging fees, typically $20–$100 per month, entrepreneurs have created six-figure businesses around topics as varied as growing succulents, memory improvement techniques, guitar instruction, and food blogging. But ensuring the success of online membership communities can be a challenge. You have to attract enough participants to create a dynamic community and, far more challenging, create a high-quality user experience that keeps your participants engaged — and willing to keep paying — over time. Read more at Harvard Business Review.