How To Rock A Big Suit Tastefully, Just Like David Byrne

For my Sweet Sixteen I begged my parents to take me to New York for the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame pop-up, like all teenage girls, I presume. Among the artifacts was David Byrne’s Big Suit — the Big Suit, from the iconic Stop Making Sense era. In person the thing looked even more massive and cartoonish and I don’t even know at that age if I understood the full magnitude of what was in front of me. I grew up on Byrne’s music; the child of a former rock radio DJ and a mom who always played ‘70s and ‘80s music in the car. But as I got older, I grew to appreciate more of his catalogue, and as my love of menswear solidified, I became enamored of and intrigued by him for an entirely different reason: his singular, near flawless sense of style. Byrne no longer wears the Big Suit, but I see the suit he wears today as derivative of it. Read more at InsideHook.