How To Unplug When You’re Working From Home

Working from home has become the new normal during coronavirus lockdown, at least for the lucky people who are still employed and haven’t been designated “essential.” We’re all adjusting to professionally Zooming where we’re personally Tiger King-ing. And without a commute, it seems one of the most urgent challenges is turning off at the end of the day, knowing where “work” ends and “home” begins. Of course, in the digital age, disconnecting has never been straightforward: when your channels of communication—and, subsequently, you—are always on, leaving work at work is going to be a struggle. But if you’re accustomed to working in an office, then at least you used to have physical separation between your professional and personal life—now coronavirus has collapsed that space. Add the fact that being in that same collapsed space day after day (after day) is already taxing our mental health, and you’ve got a true anxiety cocktail. The need to turn off is both more difficult and more urgent than ever. But how? Read more at GQ.