How To Wear This Fall’s Looser, Baggier—And Cozier—Pants

by MR Magazine Staff

Based on the sheer number of guys walking around in a pair of Dickies 874 pants at the moment, guys are doing just fine with the fact that baggy pants are back. The good news: no one is wearing full M.C. Hammer pants yet (street-style kings not included). Most guys are loosening up just a little bit and keeping the rest of their style more or less the same. Not a big deal. The bad news: If you’ve been a tried-and-true slim-cut boy for the last decade, the new silhouette can take some getting used to. Here, the stylish guys who will help ease you into the baggy groove. And if you’re already riding the wave, there’s stuff here for you too. Namely, six excellent fits you can probably pull off with the pants you already own. See more at GQ.