Inch Up Your Footwear

As fashion moves into the genderless, heels and menswear go hand-in-hand to create and elevate even the most basic look.

For the last three centuries, high heels have been widely regarded as a women’s style. Seen everywhere from runways to daily work attire, adding a few inches to a woman’s height is often considered the key to tying an ensemble together. They’re beloved for their leg-lengthening effects, high-fashion implications and general elegance. However, as designers continue to blend menswear and womenswear, the gendered lines around clothing and accessories have lightened in their severity. More and more men have been spotted sporting the lifted shoe. By adopting footwear that has become such an iconic representation of feminine fashion, their choice is often dubbed “ground-breaking” or “gender bending”. But funnily enough, the origination of high heels began specifically for men. Read more at Luxuo.