by Joseph DeAcetis

What men do in their spare time should be of particular interest to the men’s footwear industry, considering the relaxed state of office dress codes. However, except for athletic items, developing specific footwear for FW22 and SS23 might require stretching of the imagination. The men’s footwear business has to take a step back before it can take action forward. 

Retailers must create a higher profile with a heavy concentration of the new target Gen Z demographic. The first step in increasing the visibility of new product offerings is harkening back to past generations’ glory days. Style is very much its own language; like any language, it requires attention to be properly understood.

All images provided by Malone Souliers

The Malone Souliers AW22 Collection has become a lighter and more durable version of former generations. The consumer is the driving force because many retailers are unwilling to try anything new. However, consumer interest in modified footwear is more significant than others. One of the most popular strategies today in courting young consumers is to teach them how to integrate apparel in line with the new footwear styles. It’s a great time to introduce apparel styles to the business trendsetter of the future. Such efforts can pay off handsomely. 

Another dominant strategy used by customer-centric retailers is ranging from mid-tier to luxury outlets to penultimate in exposure to current trends. Customers are more interested in creating long-term relationships when aiming to dress for success. 

Businessmen entering the market display the most immediate form of self-expression. And new possibilities arise when you have a vital means of creativity and communication at your store. Headed into the new Season, Malone Souliers developed shoes that facilitate comfort, confidence, and bold expression. This season, there is a particular focus on redefining one’s self-image. It’s a collection for those who take every opportunity to express themselves, New styles introduce themselves, and old favorites return with a modern twist. For example, men’s shoes have a refined lineup of elegant silhouettes that reference the illustrious history of 20th-century menswear. 

While the interest in modifications is robust, consumers’ interest in natural and sustainable fibers is growing. For example, the Dali is a specific version of the versatile suede chukka boot, and the Andre an interpretation of a classic fisherman’s sandal.  

As always, each pair is made by hand in Italy, using traditional techniques passed down through generations. This expression blending seemingly intermixes heritage with modernity. I view this as playing an essential role in future seasons. 

“Style can sometimes seem like a passive thing – you choose the items you like and allow them to represent you – but it’s very much an active process,”  Founder and Creative Director Mary Alice Malone says. “It’s the practice of defining and redefining the self in a way that feels empowering. We can communicate with others through personal style, but above all, it is something we do for ourselves. That’s who this collection is for: the person who takes joy in dressing for themselves and draws energy from the feeling this gives them.”