Inside A Brooklyn Closet Where Gender is A Construct and Sequins Are A Must

“Why be basic when you can be stunning?” muses Christopher Griffin, known to most as Plant Kween. From 9-5, you’ll find NYU’s assistant director of the LGBTQ+ center behind their desk. On off hours, they’re prancing about their Brooklyn apartment, clad in sequined gowns, showering botanical knowledge on all who follow (via @plantkween). Nestled in said jungle of a home, you’ll find not one, but three closets. One serves as a catch-all, another is for vintage, and the last specifically houses designer fashion. The latter is essentially an ode to the designer Griffin admires most: Christopher John Rogers, whom they donned for their book You Grow, Gurl!’s cover. “[His clothes] are bold, colorful, playful, shapes, daring, brave, courageous, never seen before. And not only are they [items] of clothing, they are works of art. I don’t wear them lightly.” If it’s not Christopher John Rogers, Griffin either thrifts their clothes (the antidote to their “expensive sweet tooth”) or uses their fashion purchases to support those in the LGBTQ+ and Black communities—bonus points for their intersection. Read more at Coveteur.