Internet Of Clothing Is Coming Through Huge Label Deal

by MR Magazine Staff

Avery Dennison, a packaging and labeling giant that puts labels onto products from brands like Nike, Adidas and Hugo Boss, has struck a deal with “Facebook for things” firm Evrythng to create unique web identities for at least 10 billion pieces of apparel over the next three years. Evrythng manages the digital identities of items, from packaging to smart lightbulbs, in much the same way as a social network manages the identities of people — keeping track of their latest “status” and ultimately helping to connect them. The deal with Avery Dennison will see these identities assigned to apparel, shoes and various accessories at the point of manufacture, creating use cases beyond the point of sale. “This is probably the biggest deal the [Internet of things] industry has had,” Niall Murphy, the CEO of Cisco and Samsung-backed Evrythng, told Fortune. “It’s a program we’ve been working on for quite a long time.” Read more at Fortune.