Is Faster Fashion Really The Cure For Our Consumer Fatigue?

by MR Magazine Staff

“Consumer fatigue” is fashion’s latest obsession. It’s generally interpreted – mistakenly – as consumers being tired of a product before it hits the stores, engendered by fashion’s system of presenting a catwalk collection and then putting the brakes on, making potential customers wait about four months (give or take) before the product is actually available to buy. You could call it “show, then slow”. Burberry announced plans to circumvent it last week: as of September, it will begin unleashing its product straight after its catwalk shows in stores across the world. Presumably, it is hoping to incite consumers to purchase immediately, in what I can only assume will be a hitherto hypothetical frenzied fit of fashion-induced lust brought on by the aesthetic impact of the catwalk show. Apparently, the clothes will be in stores before the show even finishes, to facilitate this. Wow. Read more at The Independent.