Italo Ferretti
by Karen Alberg Grossman
Italo Ferretti

MR is saddened to share news of the passing of Italo Ferretti, founder of the world-renowned luxury neckwear company that bears his name. The sad announcement was made by his sons Carlo, Federico, and Giacomo, who were by his side at his passing, as was his wife Sonia. He was 78.

Italo Ferretti’s made-in-Abruzzo ties and accessories are worn by world leaders, movie stars, and fashion influencers worldwide. Proud of his roots in the “pearl of the Adriatic,” Italo personified the strong and kind nature of the people of Abruzzo, the region that always inspired his works.

Constantly in search of product innovation, Italo Ferretti dedicated his life to developing new ways to create and produce his luxury ties. Based on his desire and determination to go beyond the borders of Italy, he attained international success, with Toronto becoming the springboard for conquering the New World.

The first Italo Ferretti collection that gave visibility and notoriety to the brand dates back to 1977/78 when George Lucas launched the first film in the Star Wars saga. Italo had the intuition, commercial flair, and genius to create a line of silk ties inspired by the movie. The collaboration with Brioni in 1979 was another brilliant milestone, lasting almost 30 years, after which Italo devoted himself to consolidating his brand on the international market. Over the last decade, his sons have carried on the family business, giving it a modern spin with the opening of, an e-commerce site from which it’s possible to customize sizes, colors, and details on all their handmade products including blazers, polos, t-shirts, and luxury woven shirts in cotton or silk.

A touching and revealing tribute to his dad was Carlo Ferretti’s letter that he read at the funeral:

“Oh Dad, you gave us so much! You gave your family and your employees all you had. You created, and created, and shared some of yourself with everyone you encountered.

You started with an old sewing machine, Aunt Gina’s machine, and you went on and on believing in yourself and nurturing one of the most recognized Made-in-Italy fashion companies in the world.

You worked so hard, always thinking out of the box, and I’m so thankful that you raised us to be independent thinkers, relying on our own resources. Even with a few flaws, you were the bravest, most incredible dad: always there for us, your figure almost overpowering at times. But now that you’re gone, the emptiness is impossible to fill.

Thank you, Dad, for your sense of humor that always put us in a good mood. For being a genius of a man, a fabulous father and grandfather, and for living your life your own way, a truly wonderful example to follow.”


  1. Truly a fashion legend!
    He will be missed by all!
    His passion will continue through his sons and the people that continually work at this high degree of excellence..
    Victor Talbot

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