by Karen Alberg Grossman

TeddyStratford_squareFor those who like their shirts with a story, check out Teddy Stratford, a new collection based on a great item and an interesting backstory.

Clearly, many young men love the new slim-fit shirts but unless guys are in perfect shape, most body-hugging shirts tend to pull open between the buttons. Bryan Davis and team (with funding from Kickstarter) came up with a great idea: a zip-front shirt with a button front placket covering the zipper to eliminate those unsightly gaps while looking decidedly cool. (It’s also got a clever collar that stays in place via an ordinary collar stay that fits into to the band…)

The concept first came to Davis while he was pulled over for speeding in Bangkok. Instead of worrying about a ticket or jail time, he noticed the fabulous fit of the shirt the police officer was wearing. Upon complimenting him, Davis got the name of the official tailor to the Royal Thai Police who ultimately gave him a shirt that Davis took back to the States. Partnering with noted shirtmaker Carl Goldberg, they perfected the details, fit, and fabric for this innovative collection.

All shirts are cut, sewn and finished in NYC and are available in great colors and patterns at retails from $125-$145. For more info:

The Teddy Stratford team at MRketNYC: Bryan Davis, Kevin McMahon and Jeff Samuel