JA Apparel Courts Asia

by MR Magazine Staff

NEW YORK – JA Apparel will open 30 Joseph Abboud stores in China next year, and more than 100 by 2013, the company announced this morning.

Four new licensing agreements, including one with the Chinese apparel company Judger Group, will help JA Apparel with its new Chinese expansion, the company said. However, CEO Marty Staff said that JA Apparel will be looking into selling its American-made suits in Chinese market.

JA Apparel is also courting the Malaysian luxury department store chain Parkson for a strategic partnership which would put the Joseph Abboud men’s line, particularly the sportswear, in 10 Parkson stores in Malaysia. Parkson has a strong presence in China as well, with 45 stores, and another three in Vietnam.

Marty Staff said in a statement, “The Joseph Abboud lifestyle brand continues to thrive. Just a few short years ago, we were in only three countries. By the end of 2007, the Joseph Abboud brand will be in 75 countries. We are very excited to be expanding into new markets in China and Asia and we are certain this expansion will generate profitable top-line growth as we develop new products, expand into new markets, and build our brand.”

Since 2004, when Joseph Abboud left the company he started in the late 1980’s, JA Apparel’s retail sales have increased from $120 million to $400 million in 2007. Mr. Abboud, whose non-compete clause just ended in July of this year, has re-entered the fashion business, spending his own fortune to launch a label called Jaz. The new Jaz label will debut in Fall 2008.

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