From the Au family:

Jenny’s mom Helen Au and the Au family invite Jenny’s friends and colleagues to a Zoom ceremony to be held on Friday, February 26th, at 7:00 pm Pacific, 10:00 pm Eastern.

It is our tradition that when a family member passes, each person who cared about that soul purchases stacks of white gold-lined paper and incenses. These pieces of paper are then burned by family members in a funeral pyre specially built for this traditional ritual. This centuries-old Chinese-Taoist belief is that each person is symbolically passing money to Jenny to spend in the next world, a world where she lives totally free and without pain. The ceremony includes prayers, food, drinks, dessert, fresh fruit, special music, burning of incense, joss papers, and special candles.

Traditionally, each person would write his or her name on the joss papers with any message they want to send to Jenny in her new world. However, since friends and family are not able to be physically here with us in southern California, we will purchase and fold the joss papers individually for each and every one who would like to participate.  

As a family, we would be honored by your participation and we know Jenny would feel your sentiments as well. Please contact Bonnie Fimiano (954-647-8041) for the details on how to contribute to Jenny’s Joss paper ritual (which equates to $10 in U.S. dollars to send to her in Heaven).  

Either way, we thank you all for your love and support in this difficult time.

Join Friday evening’s Zoom meeting here.