by Stephen Garner

Jim Moore, creative director at large for GQ, has teamed with Andy Salzer of the Los Angeles-based brand Hiro Clark, on a limited-edition T-shirt collection — and they’ve tapped Quincy Brown to be the face.

The actor/musician, and godson of Quincy Jones, is pictured wearing pieces from the line, which features three different graphics that are near and dear to Moore’s life. The three graphics include: 1977 – Moore’s self-proclaimed favorite year. It is the year he moved to New York City, the opening of Studio 54, and an extremely celebrated year in film and fashion alike; Shades – the mirrored aviators print is a nod to Moore’s own personal style, having worn the iconic wire frames since he was a teenager; and Creative Director – which celebrates Moore’s 30-plus year career at GQ and beyond.

“To earn the title of an artist or creative director, you have to be ready and multi-disciplined,” explains Moore. “The ability to continuously evolve as person, is exactly what Quincy offers. He knows the rules and then creatively tweaks them just a bit. As I learned more about his old-soul, I knew he would be the perfect fit for this throwback-inspired collaboration.”

“Jim’s work and influence on menswear is legendary – we’re excited and honored to celebrate him and his contribution to menswear with this project,” commented Salzer. “Quincy and Jim share such an incredible passion for living life.  Such a pleasure to work with Quincy on this project – what an exceptional talent.”

“Being asked to be the face of this project by Jim Moore was more than just happenstance, it was genuinely a ‘no-brainer’ moment! Following in the footsteps of Mr. GQ perfectly aligns with both my personal style and brand,” added Brown. “To me, t-shirts are the true casual suit. Albeit simple, they always make a statement. Plus, I love when history repeats itself. Reminding us that what once was popular always finds it’s way back to the future of fashion.”

The capsule collection will debut online at hiroclark.com and in-store at Ron Herman and Fred Segal in L.A. on Thursday, March 14.