John Jones joins Kenwerks

by Harry Sheff

NEW YORK—John Jones, MR‘s former fashion director, has joined LA-based marketing and brand management firm Kenwerks as vice president, heading their New York office.

“I am extremely pleased to attract John Jones to Kenwerks,” said Kenwerks owner Ken Loo. “In a short time, this company has grown to become a trusted resource for global fashion brands looking to take it to the next level in the USA. John and I seem cut from different cloths but our passion for transforming companies and their product into inspirational brands has always been a common thread in our friendship. John and I share beliefs that reinventing preconceived notions, creatively marketing new ideas, and executing initiatives with flawless presentation is mandatory in today’s fashion world. We will benefit immensely from his experience in and passion for the fashion industry.”

Jones added, “Working at MR was the equivalent of getting an MBA in menswear. I felt privileged to have had insider access to industry leaders on both the retail and vendor side of the equation, writing about nearly all aspects of the industry from tailored clothing to accessories; luxury to mass market…not to mention the fun and chaos of producing the magazine’s photo shoots. I’m ready for a new challenge and am looking forward to starting the next chapter of my career at Kenwerks.”

Jones has been fashion director and a senior editor at MR for the last eight years. Before that he worked in public relations and marketing, with J.G. Hook, Raffi Linea Uomo, Eileen West, the Italian Trade Commission, Architectural Digest and Dwell magazines.