by Karen Alberg Grossman

Twenty years in the States but more than a century in the making!

Kinross is the premier brand of Dawson Forte Cashmere, originally a unit of Dawson International, whose innovation and leadership in the luxury apparel industry date back to the 19th century. As the story goes, it was in the 1890s that Joseph Dawson, on a work trip to India, observed the locals carding and spinning cashmere by hand. Recognizing an opportunity to introduce technology to the process, thus making it more cost-efficient and less labor-intensive, he created a method to mechanically isolate the delicate downy fiber without damaging it. This innovation became the foundation for the worldwide commercialization of cashmere and is still in use today.

In 1897, Dawson bought a cashmere mill on the banks of Loch Leven in Kinross Scotland, the origin of the brand name. A hundred years later, Dawson Forte expanded to the Boston area, now U.S. headquarters. Celebrating 20 years in the States, Kinross remains focused on its core cashmere offerings that embody quality, sustainability, luxury, and modern relaxed style.

Fortunately for the brand, this modern relaxed style (also known as Smart Casual) is proving to be just what’s needed to get men and women out of their shabby work-from-home joggers and sweats. A few stand-out menswear items sure to do the trick: the cover-stitch sweatshirt, the exposed seam raglan V-neck, and the quarter-zip mock, all featuring stitch and color detail (and all great for Zoom-ing!) The suede trim designs are a perfect balance between tailored and casual. Knits in heavier weights offer rich colors and textures in marled, plaited, cable, and ribbed designs. And this season’s piece de resistance: a marled rib zip hoodie that layers perfectly over woven shirts or casual tees. Men’s sizing is S-XXL, suggested retails range from $300-$600, and the company (which does not sell direct-to-consumer) is about to launch a virtual warehouse so its retail partners can do more business with less inventory.

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