by Stephen Garner

Knickerbocker has opened its flagship store, located on the northwest corner of Wooster and Canal Street in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City.

After a successful pop-up showcasing its collaboration with The New York Times in October 2019, the American menswear brand decided to take a major step forward by establishing its first flagship in the same location at 357 Canal Street. With a hopeful perspective on the future of physical retail, Knickerbocker believes it is more important than ever to open a retail store. A fresh approach, some strategic risk-taking, and very creative lease negotiations were required to secure the plan.

Situated on a sunbathed corner in SoHo, the store’s exterior steel frame is painted in the brand’s signature Knickerbocker Green, an homage to the color of New York City’s famed street signs. Designed by the brand’s creative director Andrew J. Livingston and photographer/industrial designer Sean Davidson, the 1,300 square foot store features mostly Knickerbocker’s own apparel and accessories alongside The Knickerbocker Bookstore concept, curated by PRESS. Every few weeks, a new selection of books will be refreshed on the shelves to add a deeper contextual layer to in-store activations, collaborations, events, and cultural happenings. An ongoing feature will include a highly edited vintage section curated by Wooden Sleepers founder Brian M. Davis. Knickerbocker will utilize its heavily trafficked storefront windows to highlight a number of special projects they are launching this coming year.

“The past year has been one of the most volatile years in modern American life,” said Eitan Braham, CEO of Knickerbocker. “We’re experiencing a shift in our collective consciousness which calls for an entirely new kind of retailer. This period gave us time to think about how we want to use our platform to positively affect our community.”

“Our intent is to celebrate slow culture, the type of creative work that requires your full attention,” added Livingston. “Knickerbocker’s plan is to share its platform in order to amplify the voices of artists, authors, musicians, photographers, and brands whose work we admire.”

Knickerbocker was established in 2013 with the intent of reimagining its own definition of “New American” style. Its interpretation is a combination of timeless utility and lasting quality with romantic touches from the classic Hollywood era, fused with exciting references from America’s many rich subcultures.