Kohl’s CEO Says Rumored Amazon Department Stores Won’t Ruin Its Relationship With The E-Commerce Giant

Kohl’s Chief Executive Michelle Gass said there is plenty of room for the retailer and for Amazon to operate brick-and-mortar stores, despite the two already working together through Kohl’s locations. “Retail is vast, and there’s a lot of market to be had,” Gass told CNBC’s Courtney Reagan Tuesday afternoon, during a CNBC Evolve livestream event. “We always have to be raising the bar.” Gass’ comments come after a report in The Wall Street Journal said that Amazon is planning to open large locations that resemble department stores, marking the e-commerce giant’s latest experiment with brick-and-mortar retail. The stores are expected to resemble the size of a TJ Maxx and hold both apparel and tech products, the paper said. Read more at CNBC.