by Stephen Garner

After 30 years of business, men’s skincare brand LAB SERIES is celebrating this milestone with upgraded packaging, an interactive shopping experience, and a new campaign.

All the brand packaging has been redesigned with the consumer in mind to be functional, modern, and easy to navigate with clear product benefits and ingredients callouts on the pack. Six new product series targeted to the most common male skincare concerns are color-coded based on the benefits of the products for instant recognition: Daily Rescue, All-in-One, Oil Control, Anti-Age Max LS, Grooming, and Instant Fix. A new, sleeker logo ties it all together.

LAB SERIES believes protecting the environment is as important as taking care of men’s skin and striving to enact new sustainability measures like more than half of packaging by weight will be recyclable, refillable, reusable, recycled, or recoverable with the goal to reach 75 percent by 2025. More than half of the new packaging also contains a minimum of 20 percent recycled content. Plus, 100 percent of cartons will be recyclable and are made using FSC-certified paperboard. The brand will also introduce refillable cartridges under its luxury skincare line with ANTI-AGE MAX LS Serum & Lotion. Using the available refills and reusing the bottle’s pump helps contribute to the reduction of plastic waste by at least 20 percent.

LAB SERIES is also launching a new website, which the brand says is more functional, optimized for mobile viewing, and which features a new editorial focus to provide educational content to the LAB SERIES community.

The brand will also launch a new e-commerce experience featuring the exclusive LAB SERIES Skin Diagnostic—a personalized online skin analyzing tool that provides consumers with private, customized advice at their fingertips. Activated using a smartphone with an uploaded selfie, the skin diagnostic uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide a personalized skin report mapping six main skin concerns and providing customized product recommendations.

To mark the evolution of LAB SERIES, a new campaign celebrates extraordinary moments of invention in the lives of five different men who each embody the new skincare product series of the brand. Olympic medalist and world champion fencer, Race Imboden, brings the Daily Rescue series to life through his athletic, driven, and active lifestyle. Top 10 scholar and star student athlete Alex Schlab excels in both worlds and embodies the All-In-One series. As a professional ballet dancer, model, and actor Barton Cowperthwaite draws inspiration from a variety of sources, he is the face of the Oil Control series. And veteran models Armando Cabral and Francisco Lachowski know a thing or two about longevity and together bring their savviness to embody the Anti-Age Max LS series.