by John Russel Jones

For an athletic person, the perfect pair of jeans has to feature a mix of mobility, comfort, and style, which is where the Levi’s 541 Athletic Taper comes in. Featuring a relaxed fit with a slightly tailored finish, it’s a jean that’s made to move as much as it’s made to chill. And to prove it, Levi’s had San Francisco 49er George Kittle handpick three of his favorite college tight ends to help show off the stylish  Levi’s 541 Athletic Taper in a Summer ‘22 campaign shot at Tight End University. 

Juxtaposing a day of action with a day of kicking back, the campaign — which, along with Kittle, features college players Michael Mayer, Cameron Latu, and Erick All — puts the focus on the comfort of the 541, while also reflecting the active lifestyle of a top-class athlete. It’s the perfect way to show how the Levi’s 541 is both ‘Made to Move’ and ‘Made to Chill.’ 

Set at Tight End University in Nashville — a tight end skills camp that Kittle, Travis Kelce, and Greg Olson launched in 2021 to help NFL tight ends to improve their game — the campaign takes us on a tour of a day in the life of these talented athletes. Giving Mayer, Latu, and All a shot at their own Tight End U experience, the crew first spent the afternoon throwing the ball around, getting in a bit of training, and taking a few laps. A nice mix of competition and camaraderie. Perfect for showing off how the Levi’s 541 — which features more room in the seat and thigh and a slightly tapered leg — doesn’t constrict or impede the movement of an athletically built guy.

Ultimately, it was a great way to not only show off the versatility of the jeans, but also a chance to give these three talented college players some one-on-one time with a true NFL great. And, it’s the perfect opportunity for Levi’s to announce its first time taking part in the “Name, Image, and Likeness” space. Instituted in July of 2021, NIL opened up the ability for college athletes to make money off of their name, image, and likeness. It’s a huge win for these talented young athletes, and Levi’s is extremely excited to be a part of this new chapter in college sports.