by Christopher Blomquist

Gianni Lee, a multidisciplinary contemporary visual artist utilizing diverse media in fashion, fine art and music who hails from West Philadelphia, is Levi’s latest collaborator.

The small Levi’s x Gianni Lee capsule collection will drop on February 28.

Featuring two versions of the Levi’s 501 ($250 each) – in faded indigo and natural white – a faded indigo Levi’s Type III Trucker ($298), and a dark indigo denim Levi’s tote ($80), the collection mixes both unique design accents with panels of Lee’s original art. Inspired by Egyptian drawings, as well as Lee’s African lineage, the two images included are a brightly colored ode to the beauty of the Black body. 

As for the overall design of the collection, Lee approached it as if each piece were a wearable art gallery. The 501s, Trucker, and tote all offer clean, neutral structures on which to showcase the color and vibrancy of the displayed art. The collection also takes inspiration from Lee’s love of modular design, with elements such as the yellow tabs, the panels on the jeans and Trucker, and even the range of colors all designed to look like they could be plug-and-play. 

“Denim is one of the timeless fabrics of our generation. And Levi’s is a timeless brand. When you think of Levi’s, it’s just so many moments in history that a person probably had on a pair of Levi’s. From the richest person to the poorest person, all have owned Levi’s,” says Lee in a statement. “I’m just excited that a brand I grew up on had faith in my ideas, and that we could try new things. It’s so beautiful to see Levi’s being able to step into the next generation of what fashion and art is.”